I will hit the ground running to get work done on a host of national issues for the Floridians of District 6.  Importantly, as a Veteran who worked in the Pentagon and White House, I know how to get things done and won’t take years to figure out how to get meaningful legislation passed.   

Battle Plan To Fix Congress:

  • Affordable Healthcare – In Congress, I will work to find commonsense solutions to address the astronomical costs of healthcare. We can’t afford our premiums, and we can’t afford not to be covered.

  • Secure Our Border – I believe that we need a responsible plan to address immigration in our country. You can count on me to ignore the political infighting and make tough decisions to find sensible solutions.

  • Education – I am a proud father. That’s why education is one of my top priorities. As your Congressman, I’ll work with local leaders to make sure our kids receive the best education possible.

  • Keeping Taxes Low – I know more government can all too often overstep its boundaries. I will fight to reduce regulations and keep taxes low, which will allow business to thrive and create good, high-paying jobs.